Question about router bits with bearings

I have read that it’s not advisable to use router bits with the bearings with a CNC machine, and was wondering why that is. I would like to use a roundover router bit with my shapeoko, but am having trouble finding ones of the size I want that do not have a bearing. Is it just because the ones with the bearings can’t plunge, because my use would be on edges where it won’t need to plunge through anything, and I don’t know if there is some other additional reasons they are not advisable.

I know I could just take my router off the machine to do this part by hand, but the rest of it will be carved with other end mills on the shapeoko and it would be a pain to have to take the router on and off the machine each time, I’d like to be able to just swap in a round over bit for that pass.

I’d say the bits with bearings are for guiding/moving your router along an edge. Your cnc is designed to precisely move your router regardless of the work piece edge. The slightest instance of your workpiece not being square or precisely in tune with the toolpath is going to lead to problems.

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Use the machine to make a router table, buy a second router, and use that for any endmills with bearings.

The more larger more complex profiles are better suited to the on-the-fly adjustments of a person feeding the stock.

As @JaredHooper noted, there are just too many things which could go wrong.

The fear is the machine puts too much pressure on the bearings causing them to fail and become projectiles.

That said the bearings are typically removable, you should be able to buy any one you want and just remove the bearing. Maybe stay away from the disposable cheap ones but Freud or someone like that should work.

Could you post a picture of the bit you want to use. If not describe what profile you are going for.
That might help . Are you trying to use the roundover bit to round the outside of your piece of wood or round it over and cut it out of a larger piece of wood.