Question about single NC files from Fusion 360

My question is concerning how to make sure the tool change z height is re-measured in between each NC file load using the bitsetter.

I have a personal use license of Fusion 360. With this license, instead of being able to chain the whole job of cuts together, I can only export one NC file path at a time. I’ve noticed these files do not contain the commands to run a tool change measurement at the beginning. So if i have a job with multiple single NC files, what is the best method to make sure subsequently loaded NC files are at the correct Z height between bit changes?

Currently, after loading a second file, in carbide motion I click the jog button just to trigger the measure tool interface. This feels wrong and I’m not even sure if it’s doing what I want.

To add to this, can I just add a M6 command to the file? Will that trigger the same measurement request that is put into the carbide create files?

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It would be cool to have a G code subroutine for this

So once you set the zero for X Y and Z it is persistent even over power cycles. So no need to rezero with the same tool. However if you have multiple tools in a job I think you would need to set the Z zero for each tool. One way might be to just power cycle between each NC file and when the initialization goes through it will set your Z zero with whatever tool you install in the router/spindle. For instance your first nc file uses the #201 tool. Let that .nc file complete, power off and when prompted for A tool put your next .nc file tool in and let it measure the tool to maintain the Z zero set previously. As far as the tool number prompt not sure if that would do you any good as far as z zero so you might just have to mentally note which .nc file uses which tool. Since you initialized with the new tool and the z zero was set prompting for the tool would be a waste of time.

I know that here on the forum they have a post processor for F360 that might fix your problem as far as going through the BitSetter routine.

Thank you for the info but to be clear so this request doesn’t lose focus.
I am only concerned with making sure the Z height is remeasured between tool changes. I can certainly write down the tool names between files. This is specifically needed for the bitsetter to remeasure between tool changes. I assume there has to be some GCode for this. Why would the jog button → “Remeasure” tool command not do the same thing as what you describe without going through a power cycle and full init?

I find the zeroing of x/y/z to not be super accurate on my machine (error of around 0.1’ish mm) so I would’ve power cycle just to change the bit.

I don’t use carbide motion so I’m not sure about the current UI. If the job / remeasure runs a probe using the bitsetter then that’s what you want. If you aren’t sure, just set your zero and then change the endmill and remeasure it and the use jog to check that the z is still where you wanted.

Ok, so I think i figured this out. It turned out I didn’t select carbide 3d as the output machine in the Fusion 360 post processor. I selected the correct option and now all of my files have the proper measure command at the beginning of them.


Interesting, thanks. If you don’t mind me asking. What software do you use to drive your machine?

I use CNCjs and previously used gSender. I liked gSender better on a smaller display but when I started using a better computer with a larger screen, I much prefer CNCjs both in terms of the actual software development and the actual use of the software. Other people prefer gSender so to each their own.

I moved away from Carbide Motion because it does not allow you to (reasonably) use a 3D touch probe. With CNCjs, I have full control of the probe and can use it with a click of a button to, for example, probe and set zero at the center of a hole but which is not anything I would be able to make carbide motion handle.

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