Question for nomad users in Europe

I am considering getting a nomad instead if the Roland, but would love to hear where fellows Europeans get their quality bits and pieces.

I was actually just about to ask the same. Could use some longer cutters to mill deeper jobs…was also wondering whether switching to a metric collet might help, and if so, where to get one. (Then again, are the collet threads Imperial?)

I’m from Switzerland and I buy my bits from this site: (the quality is very good)
The collet and the bits (cut side) are metric but the on the collet side the diameter of the bit is 3.175mm (1/8 inch) or more.


Just a quick comment - I was considering the Roland vs Nomad and I am very happy I went with the nomad.

When it comes down to it, the nomad can do everything the Roland can (with the exception of the 4th axis you can purchase for the Roland) but the Roland costs 3x more.

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Any good source of material also?

Sorry - I live in Canada so don’t have any sources to share with you.

Found any particular bits there that you’d recommend in particular for the Nomad?

I had a very good results with the 2-flute coated, with the diamond pattern coated and with the aluminium coated end mills. The non coated are working as well but their life span is shorter. For PCB milling I recommend the 36° tip engraving bit.

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