Question on electrical circuit needed for a Shapeoko 5

I am considering a Shapeoko 5. How many amps does a Shapeoko 5 draw? and how many does the compact router draw?

I have a fein turbo 1 vacuum that draws 9amps.

Can I safely plug in the shapeoko 5, dust collector and compact router on one 15 amp circuit or should I use a 20 amp circuit?

As noted at:

Amperage 4A (Machine Only)

The compact router:

should draw ~11 Amps at peak, so a single circuit won’t work.

At a minimum it’s best to have:

  • machine and computer on one circuit
  • vacuum and trim router/spindle on a second

If possible, put the vacuum and trim router on separate circuits for a total of 3.

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there I have 2 questions
Basically when in CM I click on MDI then type in
M3s10000 it comes up busy straight away then everything I type into mdi same thing happens busy
I’m hoping that the second problem is related to the
When I push round button on vfd the spindle starts and and goes up in speed the display reads 400.0
So I have no clue what that is in rpms the stop button turns it off but the run button does nothing is this because it’s the brand vfd so I shouldn’t be pushing the run button
Really red your help