Question on sheoko carbide motion

Hello everyone Im new to shapeoko fourms; hope some one get help ?
This is my second cnc machine I am using aspire 8.5 I create the victors and then save the tool path as shapeko in inches.
My other cnc I save it as grbl and run the tool path in grbl controller, and works fine. I open carbide motion and load the saved tool path and set the carbide creat zeros and set it to inches and run the tool path. It runs the tool path but not the way it should it comes out wrong not like the first cnc am I doing something wrong? thanks

In what way is the file wrong?

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Have you tried making it mm instead?

not yet. but should not matter as I set the measurements to inchs. but will give it a try

the same saved tool path cuts correctly with the other cnc but does not cut correctly with shapeko. example it should look like two hearts but looks like messed up lines

In that case it’s likely mechanical, check:

(see assembly instructions for details on the latter two)

I never had luck with the Shapeoko post processor so I just used the GRBL post processor in inches or mm.