Question: PTFE and thick ALU/Brass

Almost a new user (or better a waiting new user), I am trying to figure it out what more i could do with the nomad.
I see some examples of using the nomad for ALU sheets. Has anyone done larger ALU parts like the elements of a 3d printer head? Can the nomad mill PTFE/teflon blocs?


Chompin at the bit, huh? (pun intended)
Exotic plastics often require more specialized cutters.
We stock 2 flute general purpose cutters in our store, but onsrud, for example, has a great selection of specialized cutters.

And when you get your machine, dont forget to start a trial on the G-wizards:

Sounds like your going to be the experimenting type,

Thanks. for the links! Pity that I sit in europe, so onsrud might not be viable.

Not sure i am an experimenting type, I am just thinking of using it to make some new type of heads for my 3d printers based on alu and ptfe. Considering how expensive ptfe is … I will need to make sure i understanding how to mill it :slight_smile:

A “here, here!” to Apollo.

Onsud makes some of the best plastic tools in the world! They aren’t cheap - they can be $45 each - but they last practical forever and generate some of the best cuts and finishes that I’ve ever seen. I use Onsrud tools myself so I can speak from experience.

The GW tools are LOVELY. I own and use the GW tools and speak to their capabilities.

Nice surface finishes require an appropriate tool. The Nomad issn’t really capable of using a face mill but a fly cutter is definitely appropriate.

What are the “GW tools” you refer to?

By “GW” tools I mean the tools found here:

The G-Wizard (feeds and speeds advisor) and GW-Editor (G code editor and simulator).

The GW-Editor is useful when one want to know exactly what the CNC machine will be executing.