Question regarding deleting nodes in CC ver611

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I’ve looked through to see if this question was previously asked but didn’t find anything.

I’m using CC build 611, and it is working great for uploading a JPEG to an SVG. I used ‘trace an image’, Then went to edit. I’ve been using S for smooth and D for delete (regarding nodes).

My question is, and it’s probably a newbie/simple question, but how do you delete a shape that you don’t want in the image? I select the nodes, press D for delete, that works, except it deletes all but three nodes. I can’t figure out how to delete those last three nodes?

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I’m running an older version and I can just delete nodes and the shape goes away. It may be a bug in the newer version. However for now you should be able to exit “node edit” mode. Select the entire tracing, click “Ungroup Vectors” and then you should be able to select just that shape and delete it.

Thanks for the reply Brian!

I also have version 530. I will see if I get the same thing there.

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Let me ask another question: regarding nodes, what is the difference between the circles and the squares?

When the node is a circle it is adjusted symmetrically (when you move one handle the other moves in equal and opposite direction). If you hold “Alt” and move one handle the node changes to a square and the two handles can now be moved independently.

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This has been reported as a bug in CC6.

Thanks Brian! :+1::+1: I have been messing around with them!

Thank you Will!

With me being new and not proficient in the software, I was struggling with it…looking all over the internet, YouTube, etc

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