Question Regarding Swivel Operation; Dragknife with Sheetcam

Hello ,

I am in the progress of building my Shapeoko. But for now I`m trying to make some .job files in Sheetcam for my first try with the Shapeko with the dragknife.

Does anyone on the forum have knowledge about using a dragknife / how the swivel operation works?

I was wondering if the swivel operation ( within a positive form - the shape I want to cut out ) will make marks / cuts or not… I have programmed the swivel operation to be 0.25mm less than the total thickness of the 3mm cardboard I will use to cut out these forms…

See attached screenshot.

The swivel operation does just that. It allows the machine to make the turn at a given corner.

It may be necessary to adjust it to match a given size of knife or thickness of material, but properly adjusted one will get sharp angles within the system limits — there will of necessity be a slight overcut — if you need to cut out an interior area and leave a nice outside edge, round the corners.

Always test settings on scrap.

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Thank you for your answer !