Quick and dirty dust boot

(Bryan A Spiegel) #1

Since I want to get rolling and waiting for a Suck-it (or spending much more cash right now) or my friend with a 3d printer to help with a better solution, I whipped up something on the laser. Used some scrap 5 ply (5mm) baltic birch, some random hardware from the extras bin, and some 3mm craft foam. The nuts are just just there to compress the 3 layers of ply that were glued so I could drill that clamp portion, and the screw there just threads into the back wood (waxed threads, superglue soaked wood)

This is v3, v1-2 worked, but not well enough, and were a bit bulkier. If anyone wants the files, I can post them up.

V2, in action:

Also added in this control box for the vacuum. The Shopvac pulls too much with the smaller hose and tends to collapse the bucket on the dust devil. A simple AC voltage control board, tucked in a grounded gang box. Cuts the noise, especially running at ~60% speed.


(Bryan A Spiegel) #2

A couple uses, and the only complaint is that if I were to cut the skirt again from this material, I would leave it connected at the bottom and just le it bellow in the middle with a few slots, to keep it from sucking up into the vac hose.

Ive since replaced it with this one, printed in PET by a friend:

Not much testing, Ive been brushing up on F3d, and need to level my bed out and add some support so it doesnt flex as much in the middle. Getting .02 deflection, which has caused some cuts to have to be re-done on the center of the wasteboard because of material left behind at the base.

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