Quick and dirty parrot base

When I got my XXL I had ambitions of doing lots of projects, but as a practical matter it has become another shop tool that I use now and then. (This has more to do with life direction than the machine).

But what a cool shop tool. I needed a piece of scrap wood with a hole in it as a base for a proofing parrot for a moonshine still, and an hour or two later (while multitasking) this popped out:

Why? Just because I could, that’s why.

Vcarve Pro -> UGS driving the XXL. Used .25 endmill, .125 ballnose, .125 90 degree v-bit, and back to .25 endmill for final cutout. Total running time < 1 hour, small piece of walnut stock.


“Why? Just because I could, that’s why.”

There is never a higher purpose than this :smiley:


That’s pretty cool.
CNC Moonshiners!

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It is all about making your own stuff. :grinning:

My son’s still, actually.

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