Quick and easy adjustable height workbench solution for Pro XL

If anyone is interested in a quick and easy adjustable height work bench solution for a Pro XL size (33 x 17), this one from Home Depot was almost an exact fit. It doesn’t leave room for anything else, but I will design, make and mount some type of arm for my computer solution. It has an adjustable height crank, it is on casters so you can move it out of the way easily and it has two drawers for storage already. I’m going to mount my compressor and vacuum below it and it will all be moveable together, but I just got it put together today (5/29) so it is a work in progress! I already cut some wood on it though! The weight limit of the table is 300lbs, the XL comes in at 150 pounds so there is still some room to play with.


Put the rolling cart under it and you have real workspace versatility.


I had one of the Husky carts for a S3. Liked it. Just lock casters during running.

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Fun fact, if you buy the 46" version of this, it will nest underneath/inside the 52" version, as long as you don’t put the lower crossbar on the 52".

I have this exact setup to let me tuck the 46" away when not in use.

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LOL Mamushka CNC station!

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Pre-made cabinets are great for CNC stations. Since I have a wood shop, I made mine out of scrap pieces lying about.

build video here


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