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Never mind the last question about Drilling it works now that I reset all the heights. Man you are a god send thank you so much.!!!

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So it’s all sorted out? Be sure to post your final results.

(I’ll donate the $1 to a good cause)


Okay Folks this has been resolved. Neil hit it correctly. I was not aware that the retract height and Clearance height offsets were additive. Meaning I was not aware that they would be added together and that would be the total retract height. I had them set for .4 to be safe was a bad move. that meant it retracted to .8 + depth of cut + bit length totaled almost 4" the XXL only has a total of 3" height so the z axis was getting confused when it would retract and throwing of the Zero point. Something i noticed should have been a dead give away when I started the job and it gave me the load tool message the Z Axis never retracted the .125 like it always does. Once I made these changes it acted completely normal. This also cleared up the dragging across the stock for the Drill process between holes, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR INPUT AND Hopefully I can get knowledgeable enough to return the favor to someone down the road you guys are AWESOME!!! Now to learn more about adaptive clearing and adding the 3D contours to this project. AGAIN THANK YOU ALL!!!


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