Quick Assembly Question

My Pro is being delivered today.
Is it advisable to use blue Loctite on everything?
P.S. Why do the put blue Loctitie in a red tube?

  1. I preach to put Blue Thread Lock on EVERY bolt and screw. 2. To confuse us…lol
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I also recommend using a paint marker or the like to add witness marks to your bolts/screws (especially on the pulleys) to see if anything has slipped.

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Winston in the assembly video says in several phases to screw in then back off quarter turn until ready to lock everything in tight. Do you put the Loctite on when you initially screw in or only when ready to lock it all down? Thanks.

Maybe I’m incredibly lucky, but I never had backing out issues in 4 years without Locktite. I’m not the hardest on the machine, but I’m far from taking it easy. Never had anything get loose or back out.

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I’d wait on any thread locker until you are sure you are going to need it. Probably not necessary, IMO.


Remove able thread locker comes out liquid, dries and becomes sticky. So even after the initial installation of removeable thread locker it still works. Not as good but still works. You can reapply it after you remove a screw.

Never use permanent thread locker unless you mean permanent. It takes high heat to remove permanent thread locker. High heat with a torch will likely run your motors, pulleys and/or belts.
Permanent means never take apart.

Most of the screws on the Shapeoko do not need thread locker/sealant. That said it does work but some pieces like the tiny set screws on the pulleys can lead to stripping the heads of the tiny screws. Some people replace the tiny screws with cap bolts about 10MM long. Just make sure the longer cap screws/bolts do not interfere 360 degrees around the pulleys.