Quick-change collet for handheld routers?

Anyone making quick-change collets for handheld routers that we so often use in CNC machines?

It seems doable. I’m thinking a two-part system where PART-A mounts to the router, and PART-B (available in quantities) mounts to the bit. Once would be able to do some neat things like record the bit height and not have to touch-off each time you change bits.

Precise Bits makes ER-style collets for routers:


There are a couple of companies doing ATC devices which are more like what you describe, but they get pricey:



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Interesting, I’m not familiar with ER-style stuff, I’ll read-up.

These sort of look interesting to me:

But nothing for the Dewalt (looks like they do support your Makita, does that Makita support 1/2" collets?

The Musclechuck says it supports depth rings and a single Allen key wrench to change the bits. Wonder how precise they are, though.

Looks like it’s 1/2" only. Does look like a nice solution though.

I’ve got a few ideas about how to do it, I was thinking about making a tool holder that would pop into the existing collet slot, and be retained by the existing nut. The main advantage of it is you could use fixed offsets if you had a cutting project that required tool changes. It’s kinda one of those things that if I design it, I’d be happy if someone else would have them CNC machined. The existing collets for the dewalt are 1/4 and 1/8, sure it covers most of the small end and common router sizes, but requires adapters to use smaller, and simply won’t hold anything bigger (3/8" HELLO!) I haven’t taken my spindle apart in a while.

Frankly I don’t have too much of a problem changing tools quickly enough with the standard collets—but then again I always leave some stock unblemished for touching-off my Z-axis zero on.

That said, I would like something that saved me that step such as a set of depth rings, the problem is the standard collet-nut arrangement pulls the tool up into the throat of the spindle so you have to ensure you’re tightening the nut the exact same number of turns every time if using depth rings with the standard collet.

I think tooling with depth rings AND a MuscleChuck might be the answer, so time to bug them about getting a DWP611 compatible MuscleChuck!

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I asked them…haven’t gotten any kind of response at all though. Not even a “Thanks for the suggestion, go away.”