Quick coffee sign on my shapeoko

I’ve had this piece of wood for a while now. I decided to make a cute little coffee sign jsit to see how it would turn out :relaxed:


How did you paint the sign with black and gold.

The "gold"appears to me to be bare wood.

I had painted the wood before the cut and yes the wood is natural underneath :+1:t3:

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I never tell a lady she is cute, I always tell her she’s stylish. With that said, I think your sign is stylish, rather than cute.

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A very clean and elegant design. I wish I had your flair! With more than a little envy…


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Nice job. I like the design.

Here’s a cute little Xmas project

Snowman Face

Snow Man Face.c2d (603.4 KB)


Another Fun Project
Made with 1/4 Birch Plywood
The design is using 3/16 birch plywood so you will have to adjust stock thickness and depth of cut if you use 1/4 birch plywood

Xmas Sled

Xmas Sled Frame.c2d (68 KB)

Xmas Sled Slats.c2d (72 KB)


Hey where do you get ur downcut bits ?

Looks really good! I assume this is using advanced V carve right? What angle V bit did you use?

I usually get them from Amazon. Seem to be the best prices