Quick connect for router power

I’m looking to set up my Shapeoko 4 XL with multiple tool attachments but I would need to be able to remove the router easily. I’d like to put a quick connector on the power line so I can just remove the Carbide Compact Router and leave the power cable routed where it is. Any recommendations on the right quick connect to use?

It might be a little bulky but cut the power cord (after unplugging it) and add a male and female power plugs in line close to the router. I found a reference that the C3D router pulls 6.5AMPS so you dont have to get giant plugs as long as they are rated for 15 amps the standard rated electrical plugs. If the C3d router had a 2 prong plug here is an example of a small 115vac connector.



The Carbide Compact Router is double-insulated and uses a two-prong connector.

Please do not defeat the insulation and add grounding to the electronics (grounding the body to the same ground used for the balance of the machine is okay, but folks usually do that along the dust hose).