Quick project to hold sanding discs

I’ve only used my CNC for signage and decor. But today I setup and cut a quick storage shelf for my orbital sanding discs.

While it’s super boring and unimpressive, I am really proud of myself that it worked out so well on the first try. I know virtually nothing about woodwork beyond the decor I make.

I’d love to learn more about other kinds of joints and things that can be made on the shapeoko. Any suggestions?


I love it! Very cool and very useful.

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I made a similar sanding disk holder but instead of vertical like yours I made my horizontal. One useful thing for the top is to place 3 dowels that you can place your disk on and seat the sander over instead of holding the moving sander pad and getting the pad lined up. The holes lining up make the dust extraction much better. Even a little overlap of the hole reduces the effectiveness of the dust collection.

When using a random orbit sander if possible hook up dust collection instead of relying on the built in dust collection and bag on the sander. Excessive sanding dust and grit clog your sanding pad and wear it out prematurely. Using dust collection from a shop vac or dedicated dust collection makes our sanding better and saves your lungs from the fine dust created sanding.

FYI When sanding what ever grit you start at go up from 80 to 120 to 180 to 220 to 320. Do not skip grits because you are making finer and finer scratches with each grit. Skipping a grit the higher grit paper has to work twice as long to get rid of the courses scratches. Remember sanding is making finer and finer scratches. Also put our sander down on the project before starting sanding. This starting above the work can cause deep scratches when lowering the sander because the disk can stop or run slower by lowering it unevenly. When sanding close to the edge never let the sander run more a 1/2 inch over the edge to reduce uneven edges on your project. Always let the sander do the work and do not lift the sander or press excessively in one spot because the random orbit is stopped and you get pig tail scratches that are hard to remove because the orbit pattern is interupted.


This is all very helpful info! Thank you. And, the dowel suggestion is brilliant!