Quick Question about belts

Hey! I finally finished building my shapeoko 4 & I have some extra of the pulley belt that hangs off on my Y rails, my simple solution is to cut it, but I just wanted to make sure thats the right thing to do


After the belt is propeLy tensioned cut off excess leaving 1/4-1/2 inch that can tuck under belt. You will never need longer belt but may need to ahorten belt. Shortening belt is not likely either but is possible. I think yhey just send xxl belts to cut down on packaging of different models

Thanks! I assumed so but wanted to make sure because once its cut I cant put it back haha, appreciate it a lot, cheers.

I went through the same issue. I got the standard but got the XXL belts I got confirmation from support to trim the belt. You might also want/need to shorten the drag chain by popping off a few lengths. In my case I had excess belt also along the X axis which was causing substantial slippage. Trimming it resolved that.

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I split the difference and tick it under.

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