Quick question on zero all

Moving this to feature request. Wrote this out of frustration (my own fault) but i think having an undo on the set z could be helpful for others.

Im 3 hours into a 3d carve. Went to change bits and wouldnt you know it I clicked zero all on accident before moving my gantry to the correct spot. Whoops.

Is there a way for me to pull up my last x / y coordinates?

If not, how can an undo zero button NOT exist? I know I’m not the first person that has done this.



This wouldn’t be a trivial task. All Carbide Motion does when you click that button is send a gcode command string to the controller. There’s no mechanism for storing what your offsets were before you changed them. Would be easier to use a dialog box to confirm that you wanted to press the button or, better, make it harder to accidentally press. That might all make CM more of a hassle to use.
Were you trying to click “Zero All”, but just forgot to move to position? Or was it an accidental click?

Do you mean go back to the last XY zero? Not after you change the offsets, but they don’t change unless you change them.

I understood that the offsets were stored on the computer (app) not the controller. Wouldn’t it be just that CM keeps in memory the last set of offsets for reference. So every time the zero for the different axis is clicked, the last value is kept in memory. Even if there is no undo, you could view the value in CM and jog to that value. In fact, it may be nice, as a feature to have several sets of zero for example one for a default zero at the front left and another say in the middle. If someone is producing parts, you can change your settings quickly but probably have to reset Z.

Reading another thread this week, I just found out that if you click the “Position” header on the left side of the Carbide Motion screen, it changes and will toggle back and forth between “Machine Position” and “Work Position”.

  • Machine Postion:
    Absolute coordinate space with machine home as (0,0,0).
  • Work Position:
    Position relative to your zeroes (i.e. what Carbide Motion shows as “Position” if it didn’t occur to you to try clicking everything).

So, once you set your zeroes for the job, click the “Position” header and jot down the “Machine Position”. Since that’s absolute, you can always return to the same spot and reset your zeroes.

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Everything is stored on the controller’s non-volatile memory (EEPROM), that’s how it keeps those offsets across power cycles. Send $# and you’ll see your offsets. Carbide Motion only allows use of the default work coordinate system, G54. There are several others available with grbl (G55-G59). All of these are defined as an offset from your machine position (G53)I use different work coordinate systems for different jigs and zeros. That’s for another post, though
I’m not saying it can’t be done…just not like an undo on a word processor (not that I know how that works). On clicking, carbide motion would have to store the current offsets before sending the gcode.


was about to recommend using G10/G54 codes for setting and using offsets, and then found out it’s not supported on carbide motion (i use linuxcnc).

So I think the most likely/doable request is an “are you sure?” popup like neil mentioned.

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