Radius First, Holes Second


I’m still fairly new to machining and still learning the ropes.

I have a straightforward part. I start with a rectanular block. I’d like to cut one of the sides to a subtle radius first. Then, I’d like to drill some holes. I need to do a tool change in between. I had no problem creating the design in F360, but am not sure how to separate the two for the Manufacturing process. I’m not sure what to search for as I’m not sure what this process is called in F360.

Could you please point me in the right direction?

Many Thanks

You want to look up “CAM” (Computer Aided Manufacturing) and “Toolpaths”.

We have a very basic bit on configuring Fusion 360:


Hopefully someone will have a tutorial link for you — alternately, you can export to a DXF or SVG and import that into Carbide Create.

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