Radius from a chord

Mr. Krack, Mr. Wilson, as well as a few others, are rolling in their grave laughing at me. “I will never use Geometry or Algebra in my life” Although I have many times.

I was asked to remake a filet board for my nephew. Pretty simple. I wanted to make it as close to the original as possible. There are arcs cut into each side near one end.

I know how to cheat to get close. Took this as a learning experience. Dusted off parts of the brain that have not been used in 50 years and got lost. So let’s Google it… The formulas looked like Hieroglyphics to this brain.

Then stumbled on this site. Radius of an Arc or Arch with calculator - Math Open Reference . It works great for us dummies that want to be a little closer to true.

Thank you Mr. Krack and Mr. Wilson for getting me this far


My dummy instructor was Mr. Pinson. Boy did I disappoint him! :smiley:

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