Raised Emboss Using Advanced VCarve without Border

I’m trying to create raised letters by using an Advanced VCarve with a border to remove all of the material around the letters. The border ends up getting cut by the Vee Tool, and I have to remove it in a separate operation. Is there a better way to do this?

It would be really nice if the Advanced VCarve toolpath had an “Ignore Vectors” option when using the Area Pocket Tool that would cut the pocket up to the ignored vectors but not cut them with the Vee Tool.

Extend the geometry by the radius which the tools you are using are cutting at — a dogbone at the corners works well.

I had thought to do that, but it won’t work if you want the emboss inside of a pocket with straight sides. It also causes the machine to waste time cutting air.

At this time, the only way to get the insides of a V carving tool cut with a V endmill, and the perimeter cut with a second tool is to use two operations.

If you set this up with two separate toolpaths you get a good result and slightly more efficient toolpathing — just offset twice from the inner geometry, one time sufficient to get the desired V carving around the perimeter and detail areas, a second half that which is used for the inner perimeter of the second cut.

You might want to add a radius to the outer perimeter to avoid the “rest cleanup” in the corners.

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