Raising the spindle?

Hello. I’m new here so sorry if this is an obvious answer.

I want to carve a thicker material that currently doesn’t fit in the Z. I don’t need to carve to the bottom of it, but obviously, I need the end mill to clear the surface. Can I push the spindle higher up in the mount and tighten it down? This seems like an easy fix, but I couldn’t see anyone else doing it?

I’m aware I could cut a hole in the waste board, but that would be more destructive.

Thanks for any help.

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Yes, you can move the spindle up in the mount, no problem.


As there is less support, I would be careful not to push the Shapeoko too hard with big cuts; use more passes to get to the bottom.


Amazing thanks both for the fast replies!

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Be careful not to raise the router so high that it fouls against the homing switch plate, or anything else. Check it through it’s range of motion by hand with the machine off before running.



Thanks Dan for your comments.

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