Random power disconnects

I know this has probably been covered but i couldn’t find disconnections while just sitting idle . But just sitting i get what is either a power blinking off or a usb disconnect. If anyone could point me in a troubleshooting direction i would appreciate it. I have never had any of these issues for the life of my machine. About 7 years now. Then all of a sudden i started getting these disconnects. I have a vid of the controller when this happens. Ive tried different power sources and usb cables. Do i need a new board maybe? Any direction is welcomed.
I guess i cant upload a vid, Basically the blue light goes off then back on as the nemas lock.
Screen Shot 2022-07-02 at 3.04.37 PM
Power supply going bad maybe?

One wear item to consider is the carbon brushes on the trim router — have you replaced them?

Not lately but it does it just sitting with out the router running. I just noticed the green light on the power supply goes out at the same time.

If the power supply light:

  • doesn’t light up promptly when plugged in
  • stay steadily lit after

then yes, the problem is likely the power supply.

ok yea the light stays on for a while after its unplugged. And when it happens the light goes out on the power supply in time with the steppers locking and unlocking.

So, then the first thing to replace / swap out would be the power supply.

Thanks for the help, It was indeed the power supply. New one from carbide and all is great again.

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