Rapid Movement at end of file

I ran a job that cut out six small parts. The preview looked good and the job was running as expected until…

I noticed as it was completing the last part it still showed 4 minutes estimated time remaining. I held my finger over the feed / hold button just in case something was awry. At the completion of the final part the router made a rapid movement to the right front of the machine. The end mill clipped a fingernail sliver off a wooden clamp before I pushed the button.

I went back and ran the simulation and it looked good. Then I ran the simulation with the tool path and rapid path selected in addition to the simulation. Sure enough the rapid movement to the right front of the machine was displayed.

Not sure where that rapid path at the end came from but the fix was to create a separate tool path for the last part.

I will have to remember to check all the boxes when looking at the simulation.

In the last month I added a feed / hold button (quick & easy) and spent a fair amount of research and build time to add an emergency stop. It was a good feeling that I had both at hand during this experience.



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