Rapid position problems with Shapeoko 3XL


I have a Shapeoko 3XL and I am having issues with using ‘rapid position’ in Carbide Motion (Build 513). Carbide Motion seems to think the machine is an XXL even though I choose and sent the ‘XL’ configuration in the ‘Machine Settings’ options. Selecting ‘NW’, ‘W’, or ‘SW’ when performing rapid positioning will result in the router crashing into the left bracket.

My settings:
Size: XL
Z-Axis Type: HDZ, Full X Travel (Ballscrew)
Automatic Spindle Control - Yes
Bitsetter - Enabled & set

It’s not an issue with the incorrect ‘Z-Axis Type’ setting that some people have reported. I am not using a dust boot. Itried selecting a different machine (Standard and XXL) and sending those config and reverting back to XL & still no luck.

Anything I’m missing or just a bug with Carbide Motion?

That looks like a standard size Shapeoko 3, no XL to me.

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Doh… you’re right. I’m not sure why I thought I ordered an XL. Thanks!

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