Raptor Nails - plastic nails for work holding

Anyone tried these? I think I’ve seen some people using regular nailers to install these composite nails, which would bring the cost of entry way down, I don’t think I’d be too interested in buying another nailer.




if you have access to a compressor and a nail gun, polymer nails afford a quick, easy option which is easily removed.

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I must not have been clear. That was not my ask. Has anyone here actually tried these? Clearly someone uses them this way, they’re marketed specifically for it.

Hi mikep,

I am looking for an answer on this too. 8 years later and still no answer :slight_smile:

Did a search on the Forum. This was one of the first.

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I recently posted in a thread about using blue tape and ca glue, as someone suggested them. I use a Ryobi Airstrike cordless brad nailer which worked well on softer woods such as poplar, but the brads shattered in oak. I was able to drive polymer Brad nails through a 1/2” piece of polar to mount it on MDF and it held well. The caveat is they have very little shear strength.