Raspberry PI 4b

After spending all day messing with it, I can say you don’t want to try running UGS with a Raspberry PI 4B and a SuperGerbil board.

Running a job works fine. Enabling the spindle and jogging does not. Jogging will fail in the same way if the spindle is off, it just takes longer. Doesn’t matter if anything is connected to the pwm, motor driver, etc. - just being on in software is enough to “make it worse”.

Something in this setup is causing GRBL to reset while jogging. Using the exact same cables, board, software, UGS version, etc. that I’ve been using for many months on a Kangaroo PC.

I’m going to blame the USB on the RPI4 for now. It’s the only think that makes any sense at all, and it’s still pretty weird given how it manifests.

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That’s a bummer, I know you use UGS but have you tried controlling with CNCjs to identify if it is the sender that is at fault?

Same sender, two different systems, seems kind of unlikely. Will give it a shot in a few days when I get some time though.

Did find this:

Camtool CNC v3.3 - few questions #724

  1. Anyone has some random reboot when board is working? From time to time my board is rebooted/reseted. I don’t know why. I know that is reset becasue linux kernel logs shows me usb reenumeration.

looks like version v1.1h.20190825 fixed problem

Will be worth a try too…

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You know what they say about pioneers? You are probably the first one to use that configuration and blazing a trail.

Very, very likely… fun to be in new space…

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For what it’s worth, my 1 gig Pi4b is working just fine (raspian lite / cncJS)


Pretty sure it’s related to UGS somehow.

Did you get CNCjs working?

Not quite yet, been busy with other stuff.