Raspberry Pi3b with Windows 10 Lot Core for Carbide Create/Motion?

Anybody played with these-I have been through the thread on using the RPi as a sever for a Shapeoko, But I have the following parts on order and hope to have it running my XXL with the Windows 10 LoTCore version.

I am going to give it a go to get a stand alone system in my shop-with these parts.

and hoping this would also function similar to the contour Shuttle Express

and because I already have an older DVI monitor

Hoping for less than $100 I can get something that will run fat dumb and happy in my shop!

I looked at this case, thinking and the RPI touchscreen would make for a tight setup that could be mounted easily on a dust/noise enclosure…Held off only because I already had a DVI monitor and there is an issue with access to the Micro SD slot in this case.

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Sounds cool - I guess my immediate question is are you expecting to run Carbide Create/Motion on the raspberry pi? If so, I would be sceptical - can get into the gory details if required.

EDIT: Re-read the title - you are- gore follows. Win 10 IoTCore on the raspi either expects programs to be specifically compiled for the raspi ARM architecture or be ‘Windows Universal Apps’ . Carbide Create/Carbide Motion are almost certainly compiled for x86 architecture only, ergo will not run. On top of this IoTCore is a stripped down version of Win 10, so several support bits of software for CC/CM (if they even ran) are likely to be missing. Would be very awesome if I am wrong - feel free to correct!!!


Thanks for the info, That is what I suspected, but could not find explicit confirmation of…being a newbie to RPi. Have another use for it, so if it doesn’t work, The machine is still useful, but if it would work, that would be most excellent!

If you want to walk on the wild side a bit you might want to try gcode senders like bcnc or UGCS instead of Carbide motion on Raspberry pi. No personal experience but a raspi with one of these in the cards for myself to try if I go for building a touch probe.


I will check them out when everything gets here-Thanks!

I agree with @PhilG.

One alternative is to find a cheap x86 box (instead of the ARM-based Pi) and load Windows. This blog has a suggestion worth considering: https://thesizzle.com.au/blog/get-dell-optiplex-fx160-instead-raspberry-pi/

Alternately, (back to the Pi) I wonder if you could load Chomium on Raspbien, and then run ChiliPepper… that’s highly theoretical, but it might work.

I am curious to hear what you end up with, I have a spare Pi and would love to find a new project for it, if just for fun. Please keep us posted!

There are a couple of Android sender apps, as well as at least one for Chrome OS.


I used grblweb (I believe) on a dedicated headless rPi for a while on my Shapeoko. I stopped using it because jogging was too frustrating, IIRC. There are a lot of free sender programs but I think you’d have to run Raspbian for the operating system not the pared-down Windows 10, and Carbide Motion doesn’t run on rPi at all as far as I know.

FWIW, Carbide 3D is working on a solution in this space — Carbide Connect — it was mentioned in the blog a while back:


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I have that keyboard and I’m not really fond of it. I found it awfully twitchy using the trackpad. For a very short time, I used one of the original Intel Compute Sticks running windows 10 to drive the S03. I had lots of USB connect issues (tried both powered hub and unpowered hub). I tried that keyboard with it, and it worked but the mouse cursor would jump around all over the screen way too often when I was trying to make small moves. I abandoned the stick and went to an old EEEPC I had lying around. You ordered an HDMI cable and the description of the case says the HDMI port is not accessible.

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I have been very happy with bCNC running on the Kickstarter Pine64 board. I am running Ubuntu linux, but the bCNC page has a section for running on the Raspberry Pi.


I saw that…in February…It is the answer I want, it just isn’t here yet, and I need a working answer…

I want something for my shop that can become a part of my XXL Station, and have a need for the RBPi for another project that I thought might lend its self to an answer. In going through the Main RBPi project, it will be more intense than I thought, so a quicker answer for the XXL workstation is better-though I will work on the RBPi set up too.

"tchadTchad Rogers

I agree with @PhilG.

One alternative is to find a cheap x86 box (instead of the ARM-based Pi) and load Windows. This blog has a suggestion worth considering: https://thesizzle.com.au/blog/get-dell-optiplex-fx160-instead-raspberry-pi/3

I see that there are a bunch of Dell Optiplex machines at less than $100 like this one.

On paper it looks like it handles everything, but will it actually work…
I still will work on the RBPi, but I want the XXL ready to go, not waiting to go… I really enjoy the project part of this, but I also need a solid and working answer to depend on when a commitment calls for it.

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I bought one of these from Fry’s a few months ago for $99, which included Bluetooth mouse and keyboard:


I added a monitor from Walmart for around another $120 and it works great. I think they discontinued this specific model, but I’m sure there is something similar out there still.

My original plan was to use a cheap Win10 tablet, but I had many issues with the display clipping off parts of the screen and no scroll on the C3D apps essentially making it useless for its intended purpose, add to that the single micro USB port is shared for charging, so I bought a hub, blah, blah, blah, went in circles and eventually tossed it to my wife to read email on.


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Looks like you got a deal! The available versions I can find are now $300-$600 I’ll order that Dell and return it if it does not work out. Hopefully the RBPi will be here tomorrow!

I got the same thing from best buy around the first of the year,may check them

In my quest for a working shop based driver for my XXL,and after trying yet another Intel based cpu(laptop/desktop/tower), bringing my total tried to 12 with only my daily laptop actually running Carbide Create/Motion, and finding that what has worked for you guys is not longer available, I have ordered one of these:

Pardon me while I vent some frustration for a moment-skip to the bold line to avoid it…It isn’t the cost of the machine that is the issues, it is the wasted time to buy/try/return-to get a viable answer suitable for continued shop use-I went through this same thing when I bought AVid years ago, they had no list of recommended machines, only a set of specs, and somehow I managed to find, buy, and return 7 high end laptops before finding one that would actually run the software, Granted I bought the twelve machines I have tried with Carbide software for other uses, but the fact that a combinations of 11 machines that were at the time of purchase middle to high end, all of which met or exceeded the 2 gig Vista or newer(as purchased) means a list of the “cheaper tablets from Amazon that work for us” might be a good list to make available.
I am hoping the RCA windows 10 tablet takes care of it until such time as the Carbide Connect is proven and available.

FWIW, I’ve yet to find a tablet which doesn’t work:

  • Asus Vivotab Note 8
  • Toshiba Encore 2 Write 10

(and I guess I need to find the time to test my Samsung Galaxy Book 12.0)

The Intel reference design for tablets seems to be widely-supported and quite compatible.

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I was unknowingly more consumed with frustration than with desire to find the answer-one question and I would have had it…I went to what I had, then what I was familiar with, and focused on what I didn’t have instead of focusing on getting it. Thanks again!

In what ways were these machines failing to run CC/CM? I have used a few different computers, Windows and Mac, tablet, laptop, and tower and so far haven’t had any problems.

There may be something else going on, like EM interference when you start/stop the spindle, conflicts with other software you use, etc. that could be causing your issues, independent of the hardware. If you let us know more about the nature of your problem, we might be able to help more.

Just in case it helps, these are the machines I’ve successfully run CM jobs from (with no errors/problems at all):

  • 2012 Apple MacBook Pro 15", i7, 16GB RAM (macOS Sierra)
  • Microsoft Surface 4 tablet, i5, 8GB RAM (Windows 10 Pro)
  • Dell Precision T3610 workstation, Xeon, 16GB ECC RAM (Windows 10 Pro)

I always keep everything up-to-date with software updates, Mac and PC. With Windows I’ve used vanilla Windows 10, then later with the Anniversary update, and more recently with the Creators update, it all works.

I’ve used CM3 with GRBL 0.9, and CM4 with GRBL 1.1 (I’ve only tried CM4 on Windows, not Mac) there was no difference in compatibility in my experience.

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My best buy ref above is still active and actually $20 cheaper than i paid but its the dual core and i got the i3… anyway here is the link for one for 79$ if anyone still wants/needs


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