Rattle can rack

I’ve been using a lot more rattle can products lately. They’ve been stored in various cupboards and cabinets in my garage. This presents two problems, where are they and what do I have?
So, as we all do, a bit of googling. I saw what I needed on Etsy and have blatantly stolen the idea from https://www.etsy.com/shop/LarryBstuff?ref=l2-about-shopname.
I came up with my reverse engineered design in F360 and an hour or so later came up with this.

It holds 40 cans but could be made into all sorts of variants.

Since it’s not my design I’ll not be sharing design files. Just thought it might be interesting to some folks here.

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Convenient and easy to see what colors. My rattle can cabinet is a nightmare lol, like 4 cans deep packed.

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ha! that (from same source on etsy) is literally the next project one my shop list after I make some shelves to hold my part cases.

except I’ll be reverse engineering in either carve or CC.

griff do you recall how tall (deep) each shelf is?
I have all the scrap ply left over from cutting out 5 layers of dcbbq sign and I am pretty sure it is JUST big enough for a can hole but I dont know how much room for the lip I have to work with…

The shelves and sides are all 4”x30”.

Note from the pics on Etsy the through tabs on each end of each shelf. Mine are 1” wide by 3/4” deep. Also the bottom shelf has a stopped slot rather then can holes. Also, I made the can holes bigger, 2.85 inches.


This is on my list as well. Nice work!

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Nice, especially if you can keep them in your shop all year round, have to bring mine in - in the winter only heat the shop when I’m out there.

The files for the “Rattle Can” project and the WalMart Acrylic sized bottles had been uploaded onto the Cut Rocket site at one time. I just checked and they are gone. SO, here are the cut files only for each of the

SPRAY CAN HOLDER PARTS.dxf (134.4 KB) organizers.

Paint bottle holder|31x31

I have NOT proofed these files. I downloaded them from the forum long ago - so check them out thoroughly BEFORE use!!


Fortunately no chill factor here. The rack is hung on the wall with a French cleat. Easy to move around if needed.

Can this file be edited? I don’t need such a large can rack. If possible I would like to make it half as wide.

Any .dxf file can be imported or opened in InkScape and modified. You will want to be sure and RENAME the file, so just copy and paste and RENAME before you begin the import. You should be able to downsize by cutting a slice out of the middle and moving the ends back together. Maker sure to NOT OVERLAP the lines.

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@JayGee Thanks! I still have Inkscape on a MacBook Pro in the shop. It seems to be a software we just keep needing.

Will try this out hopefully later today.

Well I got it cut down to half the size, so it should hold 24 cans now.
The only issue is, these shelves overlap each other, so you can only use the top shelf.
All other shelves are not accessible.

The shelves are supposed to be at an angle somewhere around 35 to 45 degrees to have access to all of the holes. You should still be able to use the side pieces and just cut the angles and reinsert the shelves in those. Each can should go THROUGH one of the shelves and REST on another at the back of the shelves below.
See the attached photos.



Here is the Small Paint Bottle Rack. I believe the original intent was to have this racking also have the bottom shelf pocketed just as the Rattle Can Rack.


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I ran the shelves through my table saw and took one inch off of them. It works now!

I now see that the original file was intended for small acrylic paint bottles, not spray paint cans.

Thanks for the help!

I plan on making 3 more of these!


There were original files for both Rattle Cans and Small Bottles of paint that I had posted. You might want to go back up this listing and see that both are still there. You can still download whichever you need to work on. Glad you got your original effort functioning though. It feels good when you get something made that you will be using for your own shop! :slight_smile:


It’s appreciated!
Made one for my shop neighbor. He is a blacksmith and has a ton of rattle cans. He loves it also!

Thanks again!