Rattle can rack

I’ve been using a lot more rattle can products lately. They’ve been stored in various cupboards and cabinets in my garage. This presents two problems, where are they and what do I have?
So, as we all do, a bit of googling. I saw what I needed on Etsy and have blatantly stolen the idea from https://www.etsy.com/shop/LarryBstuff?ref=l2-about-shopname.
I came up with my reverse engineered design in F360 and an hour or so later came up with this.

It holds 40 cans but could be made into all sorts of variants.

Since it’s not my design I’ll not be sharing design files. Just thought it might be interesting to some folks here.

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Convenient and easy to see what colors. My rattle can cabinet is a nightmare lol, like 4 cans deep packed.

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ha! that (from same source on etsy) is literally the next project one my shop list after I make some shelves to hold my part cases.

except I’ll be reverse engineering in either carve or CC.

griff do you recall how tall (deep) each shelf is?
I have all the scrap ply left over from cutting out 5 layers of dcbbq sign and I am pretty sure it is JUST big enough for a can hole but I dont know how much room for the lip I have to work with…

The shelves and sides are all 4”x30”.

Note from the pics on Etsy the through tabs on each end of each shelf. Mine are 1” wide by 3/4” deep. Also the bottom shelf has a stopped slot rather then can holes. Also, I made the can holes bigger, 2.85 inches.