Re-Created a Super Small Cribbage Board

Someone was looking for a vintage super small portable cribbage board on reddit. I have never seen one like it before, but I decided to make one real quick out of wood.

People seemed to like them, but they wanted a more continuous hole layout like I do with my larger portable boards, so I found a pattern that fit the size of the board and I made a few more out of different hardwoods.

I was still not happy with the way the pegs flopped around in the holes, but I did not have an 0.0781" (5/64") drill bit long enough to go as deep as I needed. I figured I could use a 1/8" end mill and make a channel deep enough to get the 0.0781" hole deep enough, and it worked, so I now have a board with an internal slot with the holes to hold the pegs securely without the rattling around.


I am going to unapologetically copy your project. Very nice work, love being able to ‘bring back’ vintage style items that aren’t as widely available anymore.

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Go for it, but you have to post your board when you finish it!

While you’re at it, here are 39 ancient game boards (and instructions for most of them) if for some reason your “I need to make that” list is too short.


List? singular? There’s the inspiration folder in my dropbox, the old notes I kept in Evernote, random saved posts on facebook, a handful of saved images on my phone, about a dozen different pinterest boards, a trello board or two, and now 39 fricken ancient game boards :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome. :grinning:

These are great! I think I just found the perfect gift for my dad’s 70th. Can you please tell me where you get those pegs?

EDIT: never mind, I just went to your etsy shop and now I see you have them custom made. Very nice shop!

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I make a “similar” scoretrack for another game that requires only 42 holes. I use these as the pegs . They require a 5mm hole and they are available through Woodcraft. If you don’t need as many holes or you want bigger pegs (say, for someone who is elderly and/or disabled), these would work out.