Re-Homing after Jog

I have some semi-recurring issue. The steps are like this:

Turn on machine,
Go to Jog, Click Homing
Machine goes to home
Click Jog ->Rapid Movement to center
(Sometimes keyboard doesnt work at all, so I click MDI, then back to Jog, and keyboard works)
Use the keyboard to jog <- at this step, the machine doesn’t jog, and instead goes to homing process again
If I press the jog button with my mouse a few times, then the keyboard jog works.

Has anyone else found this issue?

I think this is the issue. I think the rehoming when you go back to jog is “by design” because you could have taken an action during MDI that changed the registration (turn off the steppers, move the carriage, etc). (I’m not positive though.)

The keyboard controls not working sounds like a keyboard focus issue. There’s probably somewhere on the window that you can click on that will get it to work, perhaps in the white background (though it’d be better if you didn’t need that workaround).

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The switching to MDI and back to jog does not always re-home, only when I do it right after a homing operation.

Does it finish homing before you switch? CM might not know that the homing finished.

I am pretty sure it does, I will try to make a video of the issue and posting that.

Ok, then not likely to be that…

Here is a link to a video showing the normal problem, which is the keyboard doesnt respond until mdi is pressed and then click back to jog for it to start working. In this case it doesn’t go back to home since this wasn’t done right after homing, but its also a problem (just not as annoying as the homing one). If no one knows why this is happening, I will take another video with the re-home problem that has a similar workflow.

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I’d recommend contacting support, they might have better ideas.

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