Re-measuring tool length

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Does anyone know a way to force a remeasure of tool length during a running job in carbide motion? I’m about 40% into a job and want to bring the tool out a bit further so the collet doesn’t hit the walls on this job I’m running.

I suppose worst case I can stop the job, change the tool and then start the job over and run it at a faster feedrate until I get back to the jobs current progress. Hoping to sort of avoid something like that.

I’m afraid this isn’t an option — there might be a communication / control program which could do this, and I suppose you could pause the machine, go into the MDI and adjust, then resume the program, but it’s best to get the machine tuned and running so that that need doesn’t arise.

Cncjs has this, but its a macro

If you know where you are in the code, you could edit the gcode to remove most of the already completed part.

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Ended up stopping the job and restarting. Ran the job faster until contact with wood again.

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