Re-re-invent the wheel (dust collector gantry)

Well I redesigned my dust collector gantry after I figured out that my original designed limited my ability to do tile work. So I bought the suck-it system hoping for a masterpiece of engineering and being let down with what I received. I love their dust boot but for me the arm is a waist of time. S3XXL + HDZ + 2.2kw spindle = no bueno. I ended up custom making a new one out of steel angle iron and a heavy duty caster. I put the suck-it one on the gantry for a size comparison. Any one care to buy my new unused suck-it arm?


How much, and what size hose clips are those? :grin:

It cost me $48.95 with a 2 month wait. Now out of stock so who knows the wait time. I guess $35 postage included wait a week or less.

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