Re-tighten X Axis (Y+-) V Wheels


I just wanted to say I got that tolerance issue all sorted out in the heart joint. Still not perfecto, but much better. Perhaps the maintenance sheet could be updated for re-tighting procedures, if there is such a thing. So for the wheels to engage correctly on the X plate according to the directions currently you tighten up with it 1/2 turn away and tighten.

Perhaps this is an issue with the original plates sent out to the early people, but I believe tolerances could differ so it might be worth while to add. Really 1/2mm up would be much better for the lower offset nut holes.

Here is how I adjust the machine. (about every 3 months or when too much flex is presented on the X gantry Y± direction)

  1. With SO3 on and engaged, set z height high enough to access bottom X plate bolts and offset nuts.
  2. Remove offset nuts/bolts and set aside. This would be a good time to use the back side of a razor or chisel to clear any sawdust/metal.
  3. Once removed, have the machine move negative Z until you can reach the top v wheel assembly
  4. One side at a time, loosen the nut. Place some downward force, and re-tighten down. (Replace with locknuts if you have not already)
  5. Repeat for other side.
  6. Assemble bottom offset nuts, as the original directions indicate.
  7. Initially feel how more rigid the Y± flex is
  8. Make sure your spindle is still square
  9. Mill some stuff!

Bonus: If you still have the stock washers between the V wheels and the steel plate check for warping. If the washer is warped, please replace. If you see too much slop in the bearings, replace it.