Re-use for upgraded Z-axis?

I recently upgraded my Shapeoko 4 to the HDZ, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Greater range of movement, better support of my Chinese spindle, etc.

But I’m left with a fully-working lead screw assembly, and I don’t want it to just gather dust on the shelf. I’m thinking of a Matthias Wandel-style box joint jig for my table saw, capable of repeatable cuts, automatic pin offset for the opposing piece, reduction of accumulated errors, and overall greater precision.

What should I look at for a controller for this sort of 1-D CNC? I’d like it to be small enough, and maybe battery-powered, to allow the jig to stand alone.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


You could try selling it. Some are still using the belt z axis.

The Shapeoko 4 Z-Plus is not compatible w/ a Shapeoko 3.

Make something custom out of it, sounds cool