Re-zeroing z axis after a tool change

after being asked to change the tool I don’t get the opportunity to re-zero the z axis. The videos I’ve say to re-zero but not how. I can’t jog because the screen is not active all I can do is “continue pause” or “run”. I know there is something I’m missing but I do need help.

You have to use separate files if there is a need to re-zero (that is, if you are not using the BitSetter or have some means of ensuring consistent endmill stickout):

Sounds like you don’t have a BitSetter. In the days of yesteryear in the before time of BitSetter you had multiple tool paths you say had 3. You would disable 2 tool paths, save #1, then disable #1 then enable #2 and #3 was still disabled. Save #2 the. Disable #2 and enable #3 and save. Now you have 3 tool paths to run separately, rezeroing before each one. Select the tool path that is least invasive first, then the cutout last.


if you have a gcode file that has multiple tools, you can also use

as a way to split them (this even works with advanced VCarve tool paths)


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