Reaming on nomad 3

Hey folks, I’ve got two questions for the collective:

  1. How much should i pay for a decent quality reamer, say 4mm. They seem to range from $3 to $65 and don’t have much in the way of specs to compare.

  2. Do you think the nomad can handle reaming small holes? Should i just get a hand reamer and call it a day?

Let me know what you all think :slightly_smiling_face:

I would hand or drill press ream that. reamers tend to be long and not fit in 3" of Z. They also take a decent bit of power to turn.

What types of tolerances do you need to keep? It may be possible thru toolpath strategies to get to the desired tolerance or finish without reaming.


I’m just trying to get “as close as I can” to better leverage locating pins and such. More accurate hole means more repeatable locating…I think :person_shrugging:

I achieved a pretty decent fit on the 6mm Saunders Machine works fixturing pins. That was done by sneaking up on the dimension with incremental full depth negative stock to leave cuts. It just took awhile.

I’m hoping i can get similarly “good enough” results by just reaming and saving a good bit of time.

Cards on the table, I’m just a hobbyist…i don’t even have the tools to measure my holes accurately :sweat_smile:
Maybe a set of go/no-go gauges would be a decent investment for my few common sizes :thinking:

Thanks for chiming in and if you’ve got any additional advice I’d certainly appreciate it :pray:

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Sneaking up on a tight final dimension with finishing passes and a spring pass or two (if you’re in F360, check the “repeat pass” in the final pass option), is my choice when possible. I may even rough with a bore operation, then do finishing passes with a contour. I will have it do something like three 0.005" finishing passes, then have it repeat finishing pass.

I’m lazy. I let the robot do the work whenever I can. :smiley: If that means it spends 10 extra minutes in a machine…that’s what I’m going to go for every time. I usually have 10 other things to do anyway.


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