Recapturing zero HELP

I’m in the middle of an inlay project and when I woke up this morning carbide motion is going to a completely random position and calling it zero.
Is there any way (simply measuring to the middle of my piece will not be accurate enough) that CM stores that position that I can pull it up?? Thank you, Ray

EDIT: I do have homing switches.


I know this is hindsight, but this is the fool me once…don’t fool me twice… because I have had the same thing happen (too many times)


  1. Zero my machine
  2. Clear the offsets (and make sure it reads X: -5mm, Y: -5mm,Z: -5mm
  3. Find X0, Y0, Z0 of my part (AND)
  4. Before I click Zero, I WRITE down those values…ALWAYS

If you do this simple task, you will always be able to fix a lost home position. IT only takes a few seconds to write down the values before I click Zero.

If you have a nice clean feature, you can locate it (edge finder, indicator, probe, etc.) and find the original home by finding these dimensions on the drawing and relating them to the original home position, but it’s not that easy doing this with a wood part.

EDIT: Fix typo (S/B -5mm, not positive), Step 2


I found this really useful. I have been having similar issues. I installed homing switches this evening - and when I had the GBRL error I just exported the most relevant tool path. Home’d and returned to the values, and my job continued it’s desired path not a MM out!

I was very impressed as I had wrecked 2 bits of stock the night before.

I do have a quick question to follow this up. Is there a quicker way to rapid position - i.e type in the values? That would be handy.

This is a very good idea and I will be incorporating it into my work flow from now on!
I found what the problem was and it had nothing to do wit CM, my SO3 or my cad software…
the night before I had to roll back my laptop because of a bad update that tweaked my mouse. Doing that apparently rolled back CM to the last saved offsets?

Lesson is : get a dedicated computer to run SO# with no internet and no updating!

Luckily my piece is intricate enough I was able to find a point and using my cad software find zero within I think .001.

Thanks for the help, Ray


I didn’t tell you everything…but I’m glad yo asked for more…

Step 5…

On my dedicated Shapeoko computer (tablet), I keep a text editor document on the desktop, and name it POSITIONS

After I record the XYZ0 position on my pad, I THEN open the POSITIONS.TXT document and edit the last position on this Command Line:

G1 X -(Something) Y -(Something) Z-(Something) F1000


I then copy this information and open a MDI (command) Line and paste it (enter) My machine then quickly travels in ALL 3 AXES to the home position.

I do NOT use G0 (Rapid) because I am moving in all 3 axes, and I want to be able to hit my emergence stop if there is a clamp or something in the way.

Yes I COULD G0 X and Y, THEN G0 to Z0…(But I like my way, it’s fast enough)


I’m trying this tomorrow! I’ve got 6 identical double sided bits to make, this could be a huge time saver for me.

thank you!

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I just ran this command but it only moved the x axis? Am I missing something?

The machine will only move along an axis if a coordinate is different.

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Do yo understand what Will said?

Where was the starting position (e.g. Home), and where were to trying to move to (e.g. X-123 Y-77 Z-44 (in mm, NOT inches)

Yes. I worked it out. I copied the line as it was then changed the co-ordinates but next to the Z there was no space which meant the line did not complete. I added a space and the command now works :smiley:



#2 says clear the offsets and make sure it reads 5mm, 5mm, 5mm

Mine reads -5mm, -5mm, -5mm.

I assume this is because of the limit switches. Is this correct?


It’s because I have a typo., so good eye.

Everything away from home (0,0,0) is a negative value, and everything towards home is a positive value, so it should read:

  1. Clear the offsets (and make sure it reads X-5mm, Y-5mm, Z-5mm