Recent commission for a wedding gift

Here is the most recent project I have completed. I initially had the entire thing stained a darker color and the cut/carve was lighter, but I wasn’t a fan how the stain looked so I sanded it down, restained the cut area and sanded the surface back.


I like it. Nice work. Everything looks clean and crisp!


Very nice!

Just curious … how did you re-stain the carved areas without the stain bleeding into the surrounding wood? I haven’t had much success staining in those areas. I end up sealing with shellac and then painting them. I would rather stain.

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It did soak in a tiny bit, but I applied the stain and wiped it away very quickly. Then, I sanded the surface with an orbital sander. But any of the stain that went deep into the grain just added a bit to the rustic look.