Recent New PC - no function

I have bought a new Asus PC to control CC. I havent had any issues on my old PC. Everything was downloaded properly on the new PC and opens fine. When i initialize the machine in CM the normal movement happens. When i try to move to rapid position, the machne does not move.
If i click SW the x moves slightly right. Clicking SE, the x moves left and so on, all in reverse.
I restarted the PC. Unplugged the unit and moved the router to the center manually. Again initialized and that was fine. Rapid position again fails as desribed above.
I havent put my old PC back on to see if it works.
I have not changed anything, just PC’s.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time

GRBL active input - Probe

Forgot to select machine under settings, machine type.

All is good. Sorry to send out a worry flag.
Enjoy the weekend everyone


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