Recommend mobile work surface for Shapeoko Pro XL

Just about to press go on my order for a Shapeoko Pro XL and am looking for a mobile bench or tool chest to put it on. I’m seeing a lot of 48x24" options, but it seems like I need a little larger surface. Anybody have a recommendation? Thanks.

Hi Eric

I used the Kreg 44 x 64 table for my Pro XXl and added double locking casters on all wheels. You will need extra room on the table for your computer, tools dust collection wiring and what ever you cant think of right now. Think about what you will add on like drawers, dust collection, swing arm and maybe an enclosure. The lower bracing can be dropped as far as you can to make room for material and shop vac.

I really like the mobility I can tuck it away when not in use.

Just think and plan

I use a heavy packing table from Uline:
Mobile Heavy-Duty Packing Table

I’m sure there are more economical options available that will work just as well, but I knew I’d be moving it around a lot so it needed to move easily and I wanted the stability once I got it where I wanted it and locked the casters. I also wanted it higher up than some other benches, so this allowed that too.

Just looked at my order history and the current price has gone up over $100 since I purchased mine and I felt like I was splurging then! I might keep looking if I were shopping for a bench today.

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My issue was a little different but similar. I didn’t have much floor space left in my garage.
So I purchased a work bench frame from a company called Stackon. It has adjustable width and height. I set the height and width so i could slide it over my table saw then added a 2 x 4 under each leg and mounted a set of appliance rollers to the bottom of each leg. It works great, i can use the CNC where it is and just roll it out when i want to use the table saw

The max width of the frame is 69 inches but you could put a larger top on it if needed. I just used a piece of 3/4 high density particle board. The frame is approx 42 inches high and 22 inches deep. This fits my XL Pro perfectly

This table leg set doesn’t have a cross bar in the back and that allows me to slide it in and out over my table saw. It only has two angle braces on the front legs so i made two more out of 3/4 oak for the back two legs for extra stability. This works great for me

The picture shows the table with my older shapeoko3 but the shapeoko4 pro i have now has the same footprint.

I couldnt find the link to the Stack-On frame but here is one similar. Very reasonable price.



This is what i made 5 years ago.