Recommend position z axis dewalt router

I have my dewalt fully seated in the Z axis with the speed dial to the left . My question is is there any advantage to not seating all the way down?
I do find sometimes the dewalt power cord hits the suck it dust boot black tightening knob.

Interested to know what is best solution?

It should normally be seated all the way down as this gives the best rigidity when you are cutting. You may want to lift it in the mount if you are milling something thick and need the clearance but be careful not to lift too much (no more than 1 1/2in or so). You should probably attach your power cable at the top so it is kept away from the working surface and controls.

As low as is possible is the usual suggestion (no experience with the Suckit though).

Some folks have raised the router up when installing a spoil board and cutting thicker material and/or using longer endmills.

I have a similar problem with my Dewalt & Suckit . mine is rotated 180 degrees with the speed dial on the right. The problem I have is squeezing my finger between the suckit sliders to turn the router on/off. Some where (maybe here ) I saw someone who modded the power cord to come out the top (instead of the side) and its been on my things to do for an “upgrade”. I believe the OP main intention was to isolate the dewalt ground wire as well as re-position the where power cable extruded out…if I can find it later I will post a link.

Well I think it was this link but it just addressed the ground wire…

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For HDZ users all the way down. With all that extra room there is no need to fiddle.

(Really like the HDZ btw)


Is a really quick way to fix your power button issue. Just two wires to the shapeoko controller (pwm and gnd on the right side) and your spindle will turn on and off automatically via M3 and M5



Thank you Norm, you should get a commission for the next sale! Added to my cart!

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