Recommended Feed/Speeds for #122 .032" flat endmill

I am using the Dewalt router so the min speed is 16k. Naturally, I referenced Carbide Create to find the correct feed/speeds to match it in Fusion 360. The speed of the router doesn’t match up. Thoughts?

I have the Makita so not sure what the correct answer is…But I want to tag @WillAdams to say: After seeing a couple of threads about the default tool settings being incorrect in Carbide Create, is there a Bug Report function we can use somewhere to notify the correct C3d team member who works on the software update? Bug reporting might help questions like this and crowd source problem finding. Seems like in the SO3 we have a fantastic machine, leaps ahead of earlier versions, but some software cleanup seems in order to move the product forward. Just my two cents.

Edit: Let me check what my Fusion tool library says though…

I have a different brand of bit, but my .0315" 4-flute is set up for 20000 RPM and 19 / 5 IPM for the default. You may have to adjust that.

I just broke 2 of them myself… No idea where to begin in feeds/speeds for this one. I can match 20k RPM and all but I am down to my last tiny bit and have no idea what to do with it.

Well, in that case I’m going to point you towards G-Wizard (which is on sale now). No I am not affiliated with the software.

It seems to be the tool of choice for us. Mainly because most manufacturers provide some Feeds / Speeds recommendations for their bits (or at least chip load so you can calculate from there) but unfortunately it is often only for metals.

For any type of wood, G-Wizard has proven really helpful. Remember that for RPM, slower isn’t always better. You can cut at a fast RPM, your feed and plunge rates just have to correspond to the RPM.

What RPM and Feeds were you at when you broke the mills? What material? And I am assuming you are using the appropriate collet size?


Carbide 3D has published some feed and speed information on the small endmills: — but mostly for the Nomad.

My take on this has been that Carbide 3D should license MeshCAM and stick it inside Carbide Create, but I don’t have a financial stake or any involvement beyond trying to help — it’s easy to wish/want, actually negotiating and making such agreements is far more involved.

Unfortunately Carbide Create seems to have feeds and speeds better suited for the Nomad than the Shapeoko (and it would be far easier to use if it would query the user on Dewalt/Shapeoko, calculate speeds w/in an appropriate RPM range, and suggest the correct dial-setting at tool change.

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What material? Happy to run it through gwizard to get a guess.