Recommended planer

I’m looking for recommendations for a small planer I’m getting tired of facing my stock.
I don’t have a dedicated shop so something that can do 12" widths


This one seems to be one of the best reviewed of the benchtops.

DEWALT DW735 13-Inch, Two Speed Thickness Planer

I do not have one so I cannot provide any direct feedback.

Check this review from Wood magazine.


I have the smaller brother of the Dewalt, the DW734. I’ve been very happy with it.

I got it on sale for under $300 I think.

The DW735 is I’m sure very nice but was more than I wanted to spend.

I have the 735, it is a good planer, probably the best for the category but you have to add to the feed table to reduce snipe. A quick search on Internet will show different modifications to address this issue. As is the case with desktop planers, ensure you have a good chip extraction or it will back up inside.

I have the Makita 2012NB. It is more expensive than some others, but when I bought it a few years ago, it seemed to be the best choice. I plan on using it until it gives up the ghost, so I didn’t mind the cost.

It had a bent outfeed leaf from shipping so I had to play with the sheet metal to get it squared up and flush with the rest of the machine.

It has planed boards just fine. It is my first planer, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I’ve been happy with it.

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I have the Dewalt DW735X (the X just means it came in a box with the infeed/outfeed tables and an extra set of planer knives). I have nothing but good things to say about it. The DW735X (or DW735 plus the tables) is great out of the box.

Naturally, I didn’t leave mine stock. I swapped the head for a Shelix head (the OEM-size one – there are two sizes for the DW735). The carbide cutters on the Shelix head go through everything like butter, and I’ve not had any tearout at all, even in cypress (which sometimes seems like it’s made of spaghetti and toothpicks). The DW735 is excellent even with the stock head (although nicking the knives can be annoying), but having the option to go with the Shelix head is a big plus. (I knew I’d eventually want to upgrade to a Shelix head, so I just budgeted that in from the start. Don’t regret it one bit.)

I’ve seen people using the DW735 with just a 4" hose and a big collection bag at the end (since the built-in chip extraction blower is quite powerful). Trying to connect it to a little shop vac seems to be where you can choke it.


I bought the DW734 used from my neighbor, and love it. It was sitting unused for several years, but I just rotated the knives to the unused side and it worked like a champ. The 735 also looks great, and if I were buying new that’s probably what I would go for.

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I have one. Replaced the cutter with a helical cutter. It’s a thing of beauty.

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I also have the DW735 and must say it is great I also got the one with the in and out feed shelves and extra blade, worth what they sell it for

I have the 735X, for the price difference between it and the non-X version you get in/outfeed tables and an extra set of blades (as someone above already mentioned).

DEWALT DW735X Two-Speed Thickness Planer Package, 13-Inch

I had a smaller lunchbox planer, Porter Cable I believe, which was ok, but I wasted a lot of wood because of snipe. I sold it and bought the Dewalt and could not be happier. I added a Wixey digital height gauge, but it’s not really needed, just a cool add on. Unless you have space for a more industrial machine I think it’s about the best you’re gonna find in this class. I also want to eventually add a spiral cutter, but I don’t use it enough to warrant that added cost…yet!


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I wonder if you can buy the shelves separately for the 735.

One issue I did not mention is the weight, the 735 is fairly heavy and I don’t like leaving it on a table top so it lives under a workbench and lifting it in place is an issue. I want to build myself a lifting table on wheels so I can lift it and place it where I need to plane wood then return it to the storage location. I think that most good planers are relatively heavy but the stout shape means that you have to bend down to pick it up and the width makes it awkward for a single person to lift and carry it around.

Yes you can. I did. Not too much more and I bought the rolling table for it too. Also not too expensive. The Shelix cutter head that was expensive almost as much as the planer but superiir cutting.

Thanks, I searched and found sources for the shelves but the table would not work in my overcrowded workshop. I need to have the planer out of the way.

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I got the same dewalt 734r planer from cpo outlets for $270. First one came damaged and missing parts. Second one looked brand new and works fine.

Hmmmm, I’m thinking maybe I’ll gift this old beast to the son in law

and go with the 735x @DanoInTx suggested.

Probably not though.

If it’s only light facing then consider a drum sander like a Jet 10/20 unit.

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The “Router Forums” has good reviews of planners. I have a dewalt DW735 and it has performed perfectly for 10 years +. The DW734 is also a good planer. Another good brand for price and quality are the Grizzly brand. I also have a Jet 16-32 Drum Sander but I don ot recommend that as your only way to get wood flat. To plane wood properly you start with a jointer on one edge and an adjacent edge, then you can use a table saw to get the two sides parallel and then a pass or two through the planer. A planner only removes wood and will not flatten it. It may be flatter but will follow any imperfections. For a small shop a jointer may be too much but if you look on youtube for “Myers Woodshop” he has a review of a benchtop jointer called a Cutech. Take a look.

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I have the DW735 and its a great planer. I made my own dust collection for it using 4 inch dust hose and a collection bag and it works perftect.

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The Dewalt 735 has a blower inside and really sprays the sawdust. With my Jet 1.5HP dust collector attached it does not miss much saw dust. If you do not have dust collection a Dewalt 735 works pretty well by only its own propulsion.


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