Recreating a logo when only a low-resolution version is available

as requested on support…

Can you convert the attached image to SVG format so that we can engrave on our Nomad 3? Thanks!

Where the pixel image is:


and AFAICT, there isn’t a vector version available at:

and the highest resolution version is:

So, we re-set/re-create.

First, import the reference image:

Mostly re-creation is a matter of identifying the font (Gotham) and re-setting it:

adjusting spacing a bit:

bringing in the Ohio State outline:

and resizing it:

and then offset to the outside and inside and delete the original

and then re-draw the gear icon.

To re-draw the gear icon, we first need a circle:

Then we count the number of gears — 15, calculate the circumference:

 pi  *  0.405 * 2 == 2.54469005

Divide that by the number of spaces and halve to get the radius:

copy-paste the elements:

and use Trim Vectors to make inside/outside versions:

Increase the size of one of the circle copies:

Select it and the inner/outer element portions:

and drag them to the origin:

Use Circular Array to replicate as needed:

Use Join Vectors to connect the geometry:

Drag back into position:

Clean up:

and repeat this for the inside of the C:

and use Trim Vectors:



and join the vectors:

Then duplicate the gear:

Select it and the State outline:

and use Trim Vectors to remove what is not needed:



Join Vectors


Great Tutorial! I spend most of my time redesigning poor resolution Logos or translating complicated paths/geometry into something a CNC will actually cut. I suspect I am not the only person charging more for design than the physical setup, cutting, and clean-up! Thanks Will!

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