Rectangle sizing

WHY, can I not enter the size of a rectangle Height and Width without it scaling some random number, what a pain to have to try and drag the corner of a box/rectangle to get it to the size you want
Using Build 762
Even from a new vector, I enter the size, but there is no “apply” button so it just sizes to what ever was drug out on the screen.

If it is a rectangle, it should be possible to change height independently from width:

Or you can use the Scale command:

to scale it preserving the proportions:

I resize rectangles all the time and have no problem. However once you change an SVG the proportions can get weird in scale. But as long as it is not boolean’d or otherwise changed it can be changed to any dimensions you input.

Hit “Enter” after changing the size.


As long as it is a rectangle object you can do this. Once you change it to a vector (by editing nodes, boolean-ing with something else - even if it still looks like a rectangle), you cannot do H & W independently except by dragging, which is hard to do exactly unless you can snap to something.

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