Redesigned 80mm Spindle Mount in store

I was looking at the newly redesigned 80mm Spindle Mount in the store and came across this sentence in Important information:.

Features 2 x M5 (25mm apart) mounting points for air blast

Where are the mounting points for the air blast? I didn’t see any extra holes in the picture.



The side not shown in the thumbnail. Would be on the left when mounted.


I recently received one of these.

Here are some pictures of the sides and the back:

Perhaps @wmoy was referring to the left-hand side from the rear of the machine?

I’m pretty sure the extra holes are on the right-hand side when viewed from the front, though I’m one of those people who have confidence issues with left and right :slight_smile:


This is how they should have been designed from the beginning but at least the design flaw has been addressed. By any chance do the EZ tram nuts fit in this?

Anyone looking for a original 65mm HD mount for a good price PM me.

No they don’t. EZTram was something we rolled out to make the original mounts easier to adjust. However on al our HD and Pro mounts they should be mounted directly to the Z and tram should be adjusted with shims and a wiggle.


Maybe yours is upside-down?
Or @wmoy always speaks from the Shapeoko’s perspective?


Hard to know… it seems pretty symmetrical. I was basing the orientation on the shop photo, where the bolt heads are on the left, and the “side not shown” @wmoy mentioned would also be the right hand side.

But you’re right… it probably could go either way.

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Did I stutter? :stuck_out_tongue:

Using the Shapeoko Pro as the “official” standard-bearer, the screws to tighten the mount go in from the right, which will put the accessory mounting hole on the left. For mounts with a symmetrical mounting pattern that you can flip though, it really doesn’t matter


I’m guessing you don’t stutter…Just lose steps.


Thanks for the pictures @Gerry that helps a lot.

Thanks for everyone’s input too :smiley:

They should have done both sides but I could do that when I get mine.

Just got power back from the snow and Ice in Tomball Texas, next to Houston.

Maybe a couple inches, don’t know what the official depth was.



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