Relative Position on Table

Hey Smart People…
AFTER I have adjusted for belt stretch, the relative position on the work table is off by 0.050" in the X axis, okay in the Y axis.

Is there a $$ command to adjust for that? If so, what is it? If not, recommendation?

Did you adjust for belt stretch per:

and you are now seeing a discrepancy against some previously made mark?

I would adjust things to match the new calibrated coordinates.

Yes I did. I’ve done this several times in the past and it’s always worked out well. But we just got new updated puters for our machines and had to recalibrate everything.

We have a one inch square cut into our work piece and we use it to “zero” our machine before each operation. Is this what you mean by previously made mark? This same square is cut into the base/mounting plate. This base plate has threaded holes in it to accept the work piece after the first op which done with the work just clamped down. Then we replace the clamps with screws which are precisely located. The holes in work piece CANNOT be 0.050" off. Difficult enough if they’re 0.010" off.

Adjust the zero position either by changing the distance that home is backed off of?

Or, shift the homing switches by this distance?