Relief cut for an epoxy inlay

Pretty excited how it came out. Took about 2 hours…is there any way to use carbide create and use a .25 bit to rough then the .125 bit to finish to speed the process up?

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No. (as in REST (REmaining STock) machining)

It IS possible in Fusion 360.

I know you’re not asking bout other software but I love v- carve pro.
This table is 30" round to give you an idea of the size of my pockets and took 1 hour and 20 mins.
Nice work, cant wait to see it finished. Ray

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Can you elaborate on how?

When you have completed your tool path with the larger cutter, right click on the operation and choose Duplicate.

Edit the duplicate operation by (a) selecting a smaller cutter, and (b) selecting REST on the second tab and adding the previous cutter’s Radius (Not diameter)

See Photo